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Jim Halpert (The Office)

A king of minimalist costumes

Jim is also known for being the king of minimalist Halloween costumes. So Funko represented him here with his costume from the Halloween episode of season five. He’s wearing his usual clothes, black suit pants with a light blue shirt and tie but has a badge on his chest that says my name is Dave”. He stands with one hand in his pocket and his sleeves rolled up. We find his brown hair always a little dishevelled.


The Joker

Jim Halpert is one of the main characters of the American series The Office, adapted from the English series of the same name. The series has the particularity of being filmed as a documentary about the company where the main characters work and the characters often address the camera. Jim works as a salesman for the paper company Dunder Mifflin. Although he is quite good at his job, Jim is not really passionate about what he does and so spends much of his day devising elaborate pranks to persecute his annoying colleague Dwight Schrute. One of the other reasons he stays is Pam who is the receptionist, his best friend with whom he is in love. At the beginning of the series, the office is in danger of being shut down and Jim ends up working at the Stamford branch for a while before returning to Scranton and reuniting with his colleagues.


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