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Flareon (Pokemon)

A fire fox

Pyroli is physically not very different from Evoli. Like him, he looks like a kind of small fox but his coat becomes bright orange instead of brown. The mane around his neck becomes yellow as well as his long bushy tail. He is shown here standing on his four legs and his long ears are partly bristled. Finally, on the top of his head, he wears a crest of long yellow hair and wears a small smile.


A glowing Pok?mon

Flareon (Pyroli in French) is one of the many possible evolutions of the Pok?mon Eevee (Evoli in French) in the Pok?mon video game, where the player’s goal is to capture these famous mutant creatures to make them fight to win others and to make them evolve. Evoli evolves into a Pyroli when it comes into contact with a fire stone. At that moment, he becomes able to store heat and give it back by creating impressive fire whirls that can reach 3000 degrees. This means that when he is attacked by a fire spell, he is not hurt and instead stores it to improve his own attacks.


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