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Frodo Baggins (The Lord Of The Rings)

The most famous hobbit

Frodo is represented here with the outfit he has from the end of the first movie. Indeed, he wears classic clothes for a hobbit. Short pants, a shirt, a jacket and an elegant coat. Like all hobbits, he goes barefoot and we can see the characteristic little tuft of hair on his feet. On his back he wears the elven cloak given to him by the elf Galadriel and the beautiful leaf-shaped jewel that holds it closed. In his right hand, he holds the elven sword Sting given by his uncle Bilbo and of course, he wears the ring of Sauron on a chain around his neck. On the head, his face is simple but we can recognize his characteristic curly hobbit hair.

The ring bearer

Frodo Baggins is the hero of the famous literary trilogy of J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord Of The Rings and of course of the films which are the adaptation. In this great classic of the heroic fantasy literature, we tell the story of the fight between Frodo and his allies and the terrible lord of Mordor, Sauron. Indeed, thousands of years ago, Sauron had created rings of power that he gave to the greatest kings of the main races: men, elves and dwarves. But he also created a ring that would control them all. After a war of epic proportions, Sauron is defeated but his ring survives, allowing him to survive in a diminished form as well. Several thousand years later, the ring finds its way into the hands of Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, who finds himself on a mission to destroy it in the lava of Mount Doom, accompanied by a company of humans, dwarves, an elf, and several of his hobbit companions. Frodo is part of a particularly peaceful race and also presenting a surprising resistance to the attraction powers of the ring.


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