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Lurtz (The Lord Of The Rings)

A terrifying appearance

Unlike the other orcs whose size and appearance can vary a lot, the Uruk-hai are all very big and strong. Lurtz is equipped with good quality red leather armor rarely seen on orcs and thick matching boots. In his hands he holds a thick shield and a kind of battle axe. On the head, his skin is red, his eyes are yellow and his mouth is open to reveal sharp teeth. He has long black hair pulled back in a ponytail and his face is mostly covered by a white hand, the mark of Saruman.

The first of the Uruk-hai

Lurtz is the first of the Uruk-hai made by Saruman in The Lord of the Rings. At the beginning of the first movie, when Gandalf goes to Saruman, the leader of his order, to ask him for advice, he realizes that he has betrayed the forces of good and has put himself at the service of Sauron. Very quickly, he sets up a factory of orcs to attack the surrounding villages and begin to create his army. But wanting to recover the ring from Frodo and the community, he must create much more powerful warriors. So he creates Uruk-hai, a superior race of orc, much stronger and more intelligent, able to move by day and night. The first of these is Lurtz and he attacks the community at the end of the first film. Boromir tries to prevent him from kidnapping the hobbits but he loses his life. It is finally Aragorn who will fight against Lurtz and kill him. Sam and Frodo manage to escape but it is Merry and Pippin who are finally taken away by the Uruk-hai.


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