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Gandalf (The Lord Of The Rings)

Gandalf against the Balrog

Gandalf is represented here during his fight against the terrible Balrog. Indeed, during its journey, the company is forced to pass the dangerous mines of Moria. In addition to the orcs that attack them, a much more dangerous creature is hiding, the demon Balrog. Gandalf has to face him and falls into the abyss with him. His friends will then believe him dead for a while before he returns as Gandalf the White. We find here his famous gray dress closed by a thick brown leather belt. In his hands, he holds his sword on one side and on the other his wizard’s staff, whose details are very nicely represented. On the head, we find his famous beard and his white/grey hair. His face is dirty and we also recognize his bushy eyebrows and his eyes slightly rimmed with wrinkles.

Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf is one of the main characters of the famous literary and cinematographic work The Lord Of The Rings. It tells the story of the battle between the terrible Sauron and the alliance of the free peoples of Middle Earth. Thousands of years ago, Sauron had been defeated but his powerful ring of power had survived. Since then, Sauron has been waiting to regain his strength before attempting to regain the ring and thus the power. As Mordor and Sauron’s orcs seem to regain their strength, Gandalf realizes that the ring was in the hands of his hobbit friend Bilbo, without him really realizing the power it held. When Bilbo decides to retire, the ring passes to his nephew Frodo and Gandalf then enjoins him to find it in Rivendell, at the home of the elf lord Elrond. During an exceptional council it is then decided that the ring must be destroyed in the mountain of the destiny. Frodo volunteers but he will not be alone since he will be accompanied by a company of men, a dwarf, an elf, his hobbit friends and of course Gandalf. Gandalf is a wizard, which is not only a profession” but a race in its own right that shares common ancestors with the elves, which explains his powers, his great size and his extraordinary longevity.


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