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Frodo Baggins chase (The Lord Of The Rings)

Frodo and his enemies

In The return of the king, third volume of the series, Gollum wants to try at all costs to recover the ring and for that it arranges to put Frodo against Sam so that Frodo sends it back. Then he takes him in the tunnel where lives the giant spider Sheelob where Frodo is attacked. It is thus this moment that Funko chose to represent on this chase figure. As on the first version of the figurine, Frodo is represented with his hobbit outfit: short pants and a jacket over an elegant jacket. In addition, he wears the elven cloak given by Galadriel and the ring around his neck. In his hands he holds the Sting sword and the Light of Erendil, also given by Galadriel, which lights his way through the tunnels. But what makes the difference with the other figurine is the paleness of his skin after he was bitten by the spider and his eyes that have become almost white and ringed with red with very visible veins.

A unique power

Frodo Baggins is the main character of the literary and cinematographic trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Frodo is a young hobbit who finds himself embarked on a quest to destroy the unique ring of the terrible Sauron when it is bequeathed to him by his uncle who had no idea of the object’s importance. The young hobbit shows a particular resistance to the ring’s evil appeal, so he is the ideal candidate to take it to Mount Doom where it was created. At the beginning of his quest, Frodo is accompanied by a company of three other hobbits, two humans, a wizard, an elf and a dwarf. But very quickly, the company must separate, the attraction of the ring becoming too strong for some of its members. Frodo then leaves only in company of his best friend Sam until he crosses the way of Gollum, former carrier of the ring who will, during a time, guide them until Mordor before he also succumbs again to the attraction of the ring.


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