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Treebeard (The Lord Of The Rings)

A poetic character

Although Treebeard started out as a tree, he still has a vaguely humanoid form to move around in. He has two kinds of legs and long arms whose branches end in hands. As his name suggests, he has a long beard under his face made of vines, moss and leaves. And Treebeard being of course in perfect harmony with nature, he is also formed of many branches, some bearing leaves or buds and is partially covered with mushrooms. Finally, being a giant tree, Treebeard is of course a super sized figure of 1( centimeters.

The oldest tree

Treebeard is a member of the Ents race in the Lord of the Rings trilogy books and movies. He lives in the forest of Fangorn where it is said that it is the water that flows there that makes the trees so tall and alive. But Treebeard is in any case an Ent, a living tree, conscious and able to speak, and hundreds or thousands of years old. Merry and Pippin meet him when they try to escape from one of the orcs who had captured them and who seemed determined to eat them. They take refuge in the forest and climb the tallest tree they can find without realizing that he is alive. Once they have told him their story and he believes them, Merry and Pippin will try to convince him and the other members of his species to take part in the war between Sauron and the forces of evil against the rest of the world. Thanks to them, the Ents will destroy Isengard and destroy Saruman’s power.


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