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Gandalf avec chapeau (Le Hobbit)

The Man with the Pointed Hat

This is the second figure of this character released for the film. It is almost identical to the other one except that on this one, Gandalf is represented with his hat. He is wearing his long grey wizard’s robe closed with a simple brown leather belt and a large matching scarf and cape. In his right hand, he holds his brown walking stick, which is both his walking stick and his wizard’s stick. Finally, at the level of the head, he wears his big pointed hat and we can recognize his characteristic long white beard.


The man at the origin of the adventure

Gandalf is one of the main characters of the movie The Hobbit and the book of which it is the adaptation. At the beginning of the story, we learn that the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain have been driven from their land by the terrible dragon Smaug, attracted by the gold accumulated by King Thror. Many years later, Thorin, his heir, is determined to take back the throne that is rightfully his, and to do so he calls on anyone who will join his company. Gandalf the wizard decides to accompany him but convinces him to hire a thief who can go undetected into Smaug’s cellar and steal the powerful Arkenstone. Gandalf then thinks of his friend Bilbo the Hobbit, whom he finds a little too tidy for his age. Deciding that he could use an adventure, he comes knocking on his door with the thirteen dwarves of Thorin’s company and hires him somewhat against his will.


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