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Invisible Bilbo Baggins (Le Hobbit)

The Invisible Hobbit

This figurine is a much rarer version of the first Bilbo figurine. It was most likely made with the same mold except that it was made in a transparent plastic. It represents the different parts of the movie where Bilbo wears the ring and becomes invisible. We can still recognize the characteristic style of the hobbits with his famous sleeveless vest, his shirt and his frock coat. We also find this famous short pants that he wears of course without shoes. Shoes that would not be adapted to the big hairy feet of hobbits anyway! As on the first figurine, we find his curly hair and we only regret that his ears are not bigger and more pointed. He also carries the famous sword, which will later be named Sting”, found in the cave of the trolls that he confronts at the beginning of his journey with the dwarves. Finally, the last important detail that differentiates these figures is the presence of the ring on one of the fingers of his left hand!


The first hobbit adventurer

Bilbo Baggins is the central character of the novel Bilbo the Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien and the film adaptation by Peter Jackson. Bilbo also appears in the trilogy “The Lord Of The Rings” but this takes place 70 years later and he is then much less important. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, a race of “little men” with big ears and hairy feet living very simply and peacefully. Bilbo leads a peaceful life in the village of Bag End, until he receives an unexpected visit from Gandalf the wizard and a company of 13 dwarves who want to hire him as a burglar. His role would be to help Thorin Oak-tree to confront the terrible dragon Smaug who has driven the dwarves from their kingdom of the Lonely Mountain. After some hesitation, the young hobbit accepts and here he goes on a great adventure. During this adventure, he will have to face trolls, orcs but also a strange creature named Gollum against whom he will win a game of riddles and win a mysterious golden ring that can make him invisible …


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