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Gollum (Le Hobbit)

An unrecognizable hobbit

Although he was once a hobbit, the ring has changed him so much over the years that it’s hard to see any resemblance between Gollum and a hobbit like Bilbo, except perhaps for his large feet. On the Funko figurine, we can see this unhealthy grey/pink skin and this skinny body with almost no skin left on the bones. Living in the wild for many years (the ring having prolonged his life in an abnormal way), he has no real clothes anymore, but a simple ragged loincloth, remnant of his hobbit clothes. Finally, the most characteristic element of this character is his face. With his big eyes surrounded by gray, it lends itself particularly well to the style of pop! figures and their black eyes. Funko decided for once to give him a big mouth to show off his ugly teeth, which are few in number but often sharp. Finally, the creators of the figurine have well represented the few hairs left on his head!


The first ring bearer

Gollum is a character from Peter Jackson’s film trilogy The Hobbit” and the novel “Bilbo The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien, which the film is adapted from. In “The Hobbit”, Gollum has very little screen time and only during the first part. But the scene he shares with Bilbo will have a capital importance in the sequel of “The Hobbit”, the trilogy “The Lord Of The Rings”. Gollum is a rather repulsive creature, with gray skin, a disproportionate head and an almost animal-like movement. The hobbit Bilbo meets him for the first time when he is stuck at the bottom of a cave after a fight with one of the goblins he occupies. Gollum comes to retrieve the goblin’s body to eat it but loses his mysterious golden ring without realizing it. Later, Bilbo runs into him again when he tries to find the exit. If Bilbo wins the puzzle game, Gollum will show him the way out, if he loses Gollum will kill him! But it is only after losing the game that Gollum realizes that Bilbo has found his ring. If Gollum remains quite mysterious in “The Hobbit”, in “The Lord Of The Rings” we learn that this famous ring was nothing less than the ring created by Sauron to take control of Middle Earth and that Gollum, at the time Smeagol, was a hobbit when he found this famous ring. His evil power pushed him to kill one of his friends to get it. He isolated himself from his family and was physically transformed into the creature Gollum.


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