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Bilbo Baggins (Le Hobbit)

The gentleman hobbit

Bilbo is shown here wearing the outfit he wears throughout the first two films. His outfit is typical of a Hobbit, inspired by the 19th century English country style, simple but elegant. We can see his famous green sleeveless vest over an off-white shirt, as well as his burgundy velvet frock coat. Like all hobbits, he wears slightly shortened pants. This allows him to always walk barefoot without damaging it, shoes not being very suitable for his big hairy feet, also very well represented. As for the face, Funko did a pretty good job of representing the slightly long and curly hair that most male hobbits wear. Although the creators of the figurine thought to make his ears stand out, it’s a shame they didn’t make them pointed. Finally, Bilbo carries in his hand the short sword that he finds in the cellar of the trolls that the company fights in the first episode of the trilogy.


The most famous hobbit

Bilbo Baggins is the main character of the novel Bilbo the Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien and the film trilogy by Peter Jackson which is the adaptation. Bilbo also appears in the trilogy “The Lord Of The Rings” but he is much older. Bilbo Baggins is a member of the hobbit race, humanoid creatures that resemble humans except for their large ears, hairy feet and small stature (usually the size of a small child). Bilbo lives peacefully in the village of Bag End until he receives an unexpected visit from Gandalf the wizard, as well as from Thorin the Oak-tree and his company of 12 dwarves. They have in mind to hire Bilbo as a burglar to help Thorin regain his throne in the Lonely Mountain Kingdom, whose treasure is currently guarded by the terrible dragon Smaug. If the peaceful hobbit is not very enchanted by this idea, he eventually says yes and embarks on the greatest adventure of his life!


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