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Tauriel (Le Hobbit)

Tauriel, guard of the kingdom of the woodland elves

Tauriel is represented here with the outfit she wears when she goes in pursuit of the dwarves who escaped in The Desolation of Smaug”. Being part of the guard, her outfit is simpler and less luxurious than Prince Legolas’. But being an elf, it is still elegant and of high quality. Like all the woodland elves, the colors she wears are mainly inspired by nature. So we find her long green tunic, but lighter and “flashy” than the original. Underneath, we guess a gray pants and brown leather boots. As it is often the case of the elves, Tauriel does not wear any armor except for the wrists, to protect herself when she uses her bow. Tauriel’s pretty red hair is well recognized, as well as the simple but elegant braided hairstyle. We only regret that her hair was not represented as long as it is in the movie. Finally, Funko was probably inspired by one of the posters of the movie for the choice of weapons that the young woman carries. She carries two pretty daggers decorated in the elf fashion rather than the traditional elf bow.


An addition of Peter Jackson to the world of Tolkien

Tauriel is one of the characters of the film trilogy The Hobbit”. She appears in the last two parts “The Desolation of Smaug” and “The Battle of the Five Armies”. Like Legolas, Tauriel is an elf and like him, she is not present in Tolkien’s novel, on which the movie is based. But unlike Legolas, who is an important character of “The Lord Of The Rings” in the books, Tauriel is an invention of Peter Jackson. Indeed, since women have a very small role in Tolkien’s books, at least as far as the action is concerned, Peter Jackson has always tried to flesh out the female roles and, in this case, to add some. Tauriel is a guard in the service of the king of the woodland elves. She crosses paths with Thorin when they try to cross the forest of Mirkwood and find themselves trapped by giant spiders. Although the dwarves are taken prisoner by the king, who has never trusted dwarves, Tauriel develops a certain affection for Kili. When they manage to escape, they are pursued by terrible orcs and Kili is wounded by a poisoned weapon that Tauriel knows is deadly. She decides to go in search of them to help them. Legolas, although jealous of the attention she gives to the dwarf, because he is in love with Tauriel, decides to come with her.


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