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Bilbo Baggins toile d’araign?e (Le Hobbit)

Bilbo facing the spiders

For this version, exclusive to Hot Topic stores, Bilbo is represented almost identically to the first version of the character except that he has a spider web in his hair, on his clothes and on his face. We can therefore imagine that it is when he and the dwarves cross the forest of Mirkwood and are attacked by the giant spiders. As always, he is wearing short hobbit pants and an elegant red jacket worn over a green shirt and jacket. His feet are bare and hairy like all hobbits and he holds his sword Sting in his right hand. On his head, we can see his slightly curly hair, typical of hobbits.


Small hero for a big story

Bilbo Baggins is the hero of the movie The Hobbit, adapted from JRR Tolkien’s first novel in the Middle-earth universe. At the beginning of the story, Bilbo lives a peaceful life in his comfortable home of Hobbiton in the Shire. Until one day, the wizard Gandalf pays him a visit and finds that he’s becoming too wrapped up in his ways. A few days later, thirteen dwarves show up at his little house and say they are there for the meeting Gandalf has organized. When Gandalf and Thorin, the leader of the dwarf gang, show up, Bilbo finally figures out what’s going on. Thorin wants to regain his throne under the lonely mountain from which he was driven by the terrible dragon Smaug. Gandalf has convinced them that they will need a thief to get under Smaug’s eye and steal the Arkenstone, the stone that could give Thorin his power back. After a moment of hesitation, Bilbo finally decides to go for it.


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