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Legolas yeux bleus (Le Hobbit)

The Blue-Eyed Elf

Like most elves, Legolas has blue eyes and so for this Hot Topic exclusive version, Funko decided to represent him with his blue eyes instead of the usual black eyes of Funko Pop figures. Legolas is represented with his forest elf outfit made of natural colors: mainly green and brown. But being a prince, we also recognize the fine embroidery and gilding on his boots or his armor. Being a fine archer, he holds his bow and arrow in his hands. At the head level, we recognize his long blond hair braided and brought back as well as his blue eyes giving him this supernatural air that elves often have.


An addition to the story

Legolas is a secondary but important character in The Hobbit trilogy of films based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. Although not originally in The Hobbit but only in The Lord Of The Rings, Peter Jackson managed to integrate him into the story by fetching other pieces of Middle-earth history from The Lord Of The Rings appendices. On their way to the Lonely Mountain, the group of Bilbo the Hobbit and the thirteen dwarves meet him in the forest of Mirkwood where they are attacked by giant spiders. Legolas, prince of the forest elves, and Tauriel, captain of the guard, rescue them but take them prisoner to find out what they are doing there. They manage to escape but orcs pursue them and Tauriel having taken a liking for one of the dwarves, Kili, she decides to follow them to warn them. Legolas is in love with Tauriel and decides to follow her to help her.


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