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Azog (Le Hobbit)

The Hooked Orc

Azog is often called The Pale Orc” because of his white skin and Funko of course didn’t forget to depict that, as well as the scars that cover his skin and give him an even more unhealthy look. Like most orcs, his outfit is very minimalist: a simple leather loincloth and boots. But Funko has finely reproduced the details of his belt and the straps that surround part of his torso. As in the movie, his severed hand has been replaced by a kind of hook, and on the other arm he wears a thick leather armor bristling with metal spikes. His face has the classic pop figure shape, but Funko also added pointed ears and volume to the eyebrows to give him a more ferocious look. His eyes are black and, again, there are many scars. For once, Funko decided to give him a mouth so he could show off his impressive spiky teeth!


Azog the Desecrator

Azog is a character from the film trilogy The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson. While Azog is only mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel that the films are based on, he has a much more important role here and his story is a bit different. In this story, a company of dwarves led by Thorin-Ecup of Oak, embark on a journey to the Lonely Mountain. Their goal is to reclaim Erebor, the kingdom under the mountain, which was stolen from them many years before by the terrible dragon Smaug. They are helped by Gandalf the wizard and the hobbit Bilbo, hired as a burglar. Azog is an orc that Thorin thought he had killed during the battle for the kingdom of Moria. Indeed, when Azog had just killed Thror, his grandfather, Thorin took up arms and cut off Azog’s arm, leaving him for dead. But many years later, when Thorin sets out on his quest to reclaim Erebor, Azog is sent by Sauron to follow and kill him. And he’s out for revenge!


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