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Smaug golden (Le Hobbit)

Smaug Under Gold

When Thorin and his company enter the Lonely Mountain, they manage to restart the forge and by luring Smaug to where they want him to be, they manage to cover him with molten gold. Unfortunately this is not enough and Smaug manages to fly away with the plan of destroying Lake Town for revenge. This is when Smaug is represented on this figure and he is covered with gold paint except for his black eyes. Like the other versions of this dragon he is super sized and measures about 15 cm instead of the usual 10. He is represented sitting on his four legs, his bat wings folded on the side. The detail of the scales is always particularly well reproduced as well as the numerous horns and growths on the skull. Finally his long tail is folded back.


A passion for gold

Smaug is the famous dragon occupying the Lonely Mountain, an ancient dwarf city in Tolkien’s famous novel The Hobbit as well as in its movie version. Indeed, dwarves had been living on the mountain for thousands of years in harmony with the humans of Lake Town on the other side of the lake. But King Thror, after finding the Arkenstone, began to become obsessed with gold and treasure. He accumulated so much that the smell attracted the terrible dragon Smaug. Smaug destroyed the entire city, killing many dwarves and forcing the rest to flee, abandoning their homes and possessions. Many years later, Thorin, his grandson, is determined to return to the Lonely Mountain to retrieve the Arkenstone and the power that goes with it, to kill the dragon, and to take his place on the throne. But Smaug is powerful and is not willing to give up the gold and the mountain so easily.


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