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Garou glows in the dark (One Punch Man)

A terrifying monster

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Garou in a glows in the dark version, with his eyes glowing in the dark as seen during some of his fights. He is in a fighting stance with one foot forward and wearing simple gray pants and black shoes like ballerinas. He also wears a simple black sweater and his hands produce filaments of blue light. Finally, on the face, we find his yellow eyes and his grey wolf hair pointing to the sides.


A monster among men

Garou, also called the human monster, is one of the enemies of Saitama and his group of heroes in the manga and the anime One Punch Man. He was once a disciple of Bang and one of the best students of his dojo, but he was expelled when he committed a massacre. Garou has a nameless hatred for heroes, hating all those who are popular” and also has a sort of fascination for monsters, which is why he has been given his nickname. Garou is always very confident and is ready to fight anyone who disagrees with him.


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