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Genos (One Punch Man)

An impressive physique

Funko has represented Genos here with simple black pants and a blue tank top with white edges revealing his cybernetic arms. Made of silver-gray metal, they give the illusion of broad shoulders and strong, muscular arms. He is also represented with clenched fists. On the head, we find his black eyes as well as his short blond hair and silver earrings.


A faithful disciple

Genos is the very faithful disciple of Saitama in the famous manga One Punch Man. Indeed, after the latter witnessed a fight during which Saitama used his famous punch to defeat his opponent, Genos begged Saitama to teach him everything. And he wanted to learn everything from his master so much that he decided to move in with him. He is very conscientious but also quite jealous, being very cold to other possible disciples of Saitama in order to discourage them. Genos is also a cyborg whose arms, part of his torso and eyes are mechanical.


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