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Garou (One Punch Man)

A wolf’s physique

Funko has represented Garou here with his martial arts practice outfit in a fighting posture. He is wearing gray pants that are tight around the ankles and black shoes. He is also wearing a simple black sweater. His hands, in attack posture, are followed by a kind of blue plastic trail. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his gray hair styled in two big points which earns him his name of Garou (like werewolf), as well as his very thick eyebrows and pointing towards the center and the bottom of his face.


Arrogant man

Garou is an important antagonist in the manga and the anime One Punch Man. He is a man who has an almost equal hatred for heroes and monsters. But as he is also strangely fascinated by monsters, he is sometimes called the human monster while he calls himself the hero hunter. He is considered a great threat by both the hero and monster associations. He was once a member of the hero Bang’s dojo but was expelled after going on a rampage. He is a very confident and aggressive man who is ready to fight with anyone who contradicts him.


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