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Lord Boros (One Punch Man)

An unusual appearance

Lord Boros is shown here in his battle armor. This one is golden and engraved with blue details and covers all his torso and arms as well as his boots. He is also wearing white pants and a red belt and a long matching cape. On the head, Boros is very clearly alien as he has only one big eye on a blue skinned face. Finally, his hair is pink and he wears two heavy golden earrings.


A merciless warrior

Lors Boros is one of the most important antagonists in the manga and the anime series One Punch Man telling the adventures of the famous Saitama who decided to become a superhero thanks to a particularly rigorous training which makes him so efficient that he manages to defeat all his enemies with a single punch. This makes his life boring again and makes him look for much more powerful opponents like Lord Boros. He is a ruthless alien warlord who doesn’t care about anything but war and fighting. This is of course blamed on Saitama, because even boredom is no excuse for murder. Lord Boros also has an oversized ego since he is the self-proclaimed master of the universe.


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