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Saitama Casual (One Punch Man)

A relaxed hero

Saitama is represented here with his normal look when he is not wearing his superhero outfit. He is wearing simple blue jeans with green and white two-tone shoes and on top he is wearing a red and white hoodie with Oppai written on it. At the head level, we find his shaved head and his face drawn in a simple way as we see it in the eat. Finally, he stands with one hand along his body and the other in his sweatshirt pocket.


The surprising birth of a hero

Saitama is the hero of the strange and hilarious manga One Punch Man. At the beginning of the story, he is an unemployed man, disillusioned and not knowing what to do with his life. Then he crosses the path of a crab man who asks him for help to save a young boy. This one just manages to do it and decides to train to become stronger. But his training is so rigorous and efficient that he becomes very powerful, so much so that a single punch is enough to beat any opponent. Now he is back to square one and he will have to go in search of much more powerful enemies to fight in order to regain the taste of life.


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