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Genji Sentai (Overwatch)

A futuristic look

For this Blizzard Store exclusive figure, Funko has represented Genji with his Sentai skin. This skin gives him an even more futuristic look than the basic one. He wears a black metallic armor with some silver and green elements. His helmet completely covering his face is almost entirely green with this V” element at the forehead which reminds the style of a samurai helmet. Finally, he is holding his katana as if he were using his “dragon blade” move which allows him to deliver very fast and deadly blows for several seconds.


The Unloved Brother

Genji is an important playable character in the online video game Overwatch. Genji was the youngest brother of a powerful Japanese organized crime family. But he was never very interested in the family’s business, and soon drifted away from it. His brother, the future heir to the empire, was sent to set him straight. A violent fight ensued and Hanzo left his brother for dead. Genji was rescued by Overwatch who saved him by replacing several of his organs, making him an android. He didn’t take this well and it was thanks to the monk Zenyatta that he finally accepted that his soul remained human despite his new nature.


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