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Gohan training outfit (Dragon Ball Z)

In the middle of a fight

For this new version of Gohan, Funko has represented him in his training outfit. This one is composed of a purple suit tightened at the waist by a red belt and brown shoes. He also wears a red bracelet and stands with clenched fists. Finally, at the level of the head, his black hair in points reminds those of his father but they are longer and are styled a little towards the right side.


The worthy son of his father

Gohan is the son of the famous hero of the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z, telling the life of Goku, a young boy particularly gifted in martial arts who will eventually discover that he is even more powerful than he thought. In Dragon Ball, Goku was still a child, but in Dragon Ball Z, he grew up and married Chichi, his childhood friend with whom he had Gohan. Gohan showed very quickly martial arts skills like his father and was entrusted to the old but very wise master Roshi, who had already been Goku’s trainer. Gohan takes his name from Goku’s adoptive grandfather, who has since passed away.


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