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Goku eating noodles (Dragon Ball Z)

A hungry hero

Goku is represented here as we see him at the beginning of the martial arts tournaments when he gorges himself with noodles in order to gain strength. He is represented sitting in his suits wearing his usual orange suit. In his hands, he holds a bowl and chopsticks and we can see the almost uninterrupted flow of noodles between the bowl and his mouth. Of course, we can see his black hair in spikes as well as the kind of halo that is created above his head in these moments.


A martial arts champion

Goku is the hero of one of the most famous manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. In the first part of the manga, he is a child and shows a particular talent for martial arts. He will therefore be trained and find himself fighting very powerful villains despite his young age. In the second part of the manga, Goku is older, married and has a child with Chi Chi. Then he learns that he is in fact one of the last representatives of an extra-terrestrial race of super warriors. He then finds himself fighting much more powerful enemies but also developing his own strength and abilities much higher than those of a human.


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