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Goku Ultra Instinct (Dragon Ball Super)

The ultra instinct form

Goku was represented here in one of his super powerful forms which he can take during the fight, here the ultra instinct form. He is shirtless with only the bottom of his orange kimono, the top being torn, and his blue shoes. At the head level, his eyes and his hair are silver-grey instead of the usual black.


A powerful hero

Goku is the famous hero of the mangas Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. While in the first one, he is only a simple little boy particularly gifted in martial arts, we discover at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, when Goku has become an adult, that he is in fact one of the last of a species of extra-terrestrial warriors. He will then discover a power hitherto unequalled and will develop new techniques of combat and new forms” by meeting new powerful enemies.


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