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Gollum avec poisson chase (The Lord Of The Rings)

A hobbit turned wild animal

Funko depicted him with a fish in his hand for this chase version of Gollum. Twice in the last two movies of the trilogy, Gollum can be seen catching a fish and eating it directly while he is barely dead. Like the basic figure, he is represented on all fours with his grey skin and a few touches of pink at the ends. He wears only a simple tattered loincloth and holds a silver fish in his right hand. At the head level, we find his usual black eyes of the pop figurines and he reveals his pointed teeth. There are only a few hairs left on his head and we can recognize his pointed hobbit ears.

A hobbit gone bad

Gollum is one of the important characters of the literary and cinematographic trilogy The Lord of the Rings. His story is quite tragic. He is at the beginning a simple hobbit when he finds by chance the ring of Sauron at the bottom of a lake. Immediately corrupted by its power, he fights with his friend to get it and ends up killing him. He is banished from the village and finds himself having to live hidden in caves and under the mountain. The ring prolongs his life almost indefinitely but also ends up destroying him from the inside. He becomes terribly thin, his skin turns gray, his face is deformed, and he becomes so obsessed with the ring that he behaves almost like a wild animal, eating the animals he hunts raw and moving around on all fours. He eventually loses the ring to Bilbo, who keeps it for almost a hundred years before leaving it to his nephew Frodo, who eventually crosses paths with Gollum again. For a while, Gollum becomes a bit of the hobbit he used to be, sincerely wishing to help Frodo, but the attraction of the ring takes over and he dies falling into the volcano with the ring, fulfilling Frodo’s mission all the same.


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