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Balrog (The Lord Of The Rings)

An impressive monster

The Balrog is a demon of a very impressive size, so it was logical that Funko represents it in a super sized figure of 15 cm rather than the usual size. The balrog is a fire demon so under a black skin with the aspect of cooled lava we guess the fire which comes out more clearly at the level of the eyes, the mouth and on the top of the head. He also has long horns and impressive black wings. Finally, he holds in his right hand the famous fire lasso that allows him to drag Gandalf with him into the depths of Moria.

The demon that almost killed Gandalf

The Balrog is a creature from The Lord of the Rings, the famous heroic fantasy film and literary work. In this story, Frodo, a hobbit, sets out for the mountain of destiny to destroy the ring of power and thus prevent the terrible lord Sauron from taking power. He is helped in his journey by a company composed of two men, a dwarf, an elf, a wizard and three other hobbits. But on their way, they cross the mines of Moria infested with orcs and goblins. But in these mines dug deep under the earth, the dwarves have also awakened a much more powerful creature, the Balrog, a terrible fire demon. Gandalf the wizard will have to fight him in order to give the rest of the company a chance to escape. This will cost him his life but he will eventually be reborn as Gandalf the White, an even more powerful wizard than before.


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