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Gon Freecss Rage (Hunter X Hunter)

Raging Gon

For this exclusive version, Gon is represented here with his fighting style. He still wears his green shorts and boots but on top, he wears a white tank top showing that he is in a fight. He has a clenched fist and his other hand stretched forward ready to attack. At the head level, we find his black hair in spikes styled upwards as well as the so particular shape of his eyebrows.


A merciless training

Gon Freecs is the hero of the manga and the anime Hunter X Hunter taking place in the world of hunters, an elite class in fields as diverse as bounty hunters, adventurers, assassins, warriors but who all have in common to have passed an exam and to have survived a particularly hard training. Gon is a twelve years old boy at the beginning of the manga and he wants to register for the hunter contest because his father, whom he never knew, was one of the most famous of them. He hopes to understand him better, to get closer to him and maybe even to find him. Gon is a very friendly young boy who will manage to make friends like Leorio, Killua or Kurapika during his training in spite of the atmosphere which does not really lend itself to it. He also has an extraordinary ability to communicate and tame animals.


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