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Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Memorable appearance

Funko represented the character with this outfit partly inspired by the Harlequin character. He wears white baggy pants with black dots and shoes with small heels. On top, he wears a pink outfit with a shorter top on which we find the symbols of the card games. In each of his hands, he holds a card and they are linked by this pink substance that he produces. At the head level, we find his very pale complexion with red hair in spikes and a star and a tear drawn on his face.


A famous antagonist

Hisoka is one of the main enemies of the heroes of the manga and of the anime series Hunter X Hunter. In this series, we follow the adventures of Gon and some of his friends who want to become Hunters. Hunters can be adventurers, bounty hunters, chefs, etc… who go through a kind of very selective and dangerous school that trains them fiercely in many fields. Hisoka considers himself to be the greatest of the hunters. He is above all a warrior whose main goal is to find the best hunters, to fight them and to kill them. He is indeed particularly powerful and he is also very sure of himself and good at deception. Whenever he comes across Gon, he refrains from killing him, preferring to kill his enemies when they are at their peak.


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