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Leorio (Hunter X Hunter)

An elegant character

Leorio is represented here with the elegant suit in which we see him so often. It is dark blue and very well cut and he wears it with a blue and white striped shirt and a thin white tie. At the head level, we find his black hair in spikes as well as his small sunglasses with round lenses. He is represented here in a fighting posture creating energy with his fist.


A real good guy

Leorio is one of the four main characters of the manga Hunter X Hunter. Like the other characters he meets during his training, he wants to pass the exam to become a hunter. He likes to say that he takes this exam only for the money but what he doesn’t say is that he does it in fact to become a rich doctor and heal people for free. Unlike his friends Gon or Killua, he doesn’t have any particular power and has to rely entirely on his intelligence and perseverance. He manages to become a hunter like his friends and will often help them, either with his strength or his negotiation skills.


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