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Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)

A great hunter

Kurapika is represented here with his usual outfit from the manga. He wears white pants with blue shoes and a blue and yellow outfit made of a kind of skirt and a sleeveless jacket. To his hand is attached his weapon of choice, a long chain with a ball at the end that he controls with his fist. Finally, at the level of the head, he has light blond hair half-long which falls down on his forehead and on the sides of his face.


A thirst for revenge

Kurapika is one of the main characters of the manga Hunter X Hunter. In this manga, he and some friends will train to become Hunters. Hunters are an elite class divided into warriors, bounty hunters, adventurers, etc… whose training is very hard and very dangerous. Kurapika’s goal is to become one of them in order to avenge his clan. Indeed, his clan is known to have eyes that turn bright red when they are angry. When he was younger, the Ghost Brigade had decimated his clan in order to steal their eyes and auction them off, as they were considered to be very valuable. Kurapika is going to become a Black List Hunter (the one who hunts down the biggest criminals) and will even be ready to join a mafia clan in order to find the ones who did this to his people.


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