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Goofy (Kingdom Hearts)

An elegant Goofy

Like all the characters of Kingdom Hearts, Goofy does not wear his usual clothes but a style closer to the magic universe of the games of Square Enix. He wears his yellow pants with a green shirt but we can see that his shoes are reinforced with large pieces of metal and he wears a large round yellow and blue shield with the effigy of Mickey Mouse. At the level of the head, we find his snout with the so particular shape as well as his hat surmounted by red glasses, the whole in very bright colors typical of the video game.


Mickey’s simpleton friend

Goofy is one of Mickey’s oldest friends. Created in 1932, Goofy is a large anthropomorphic dog who is particularly clumsy with a simpleton side and who is also often a clich? representation of the average man. In the 2000s, alongside Mickey, Donald or Tic and Tac, Goofy made an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts games from Square Enix studios. These games put in scene the young Sora who is in search of her friends and who will be helped at the same time by these Disney characters but also by other characters of the world of Square Enix like those of Final Fantasy.


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