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Goofy Musketeer (The Three Musketeers)

A dingo musketeer

Funko has thus represented Goofy here with his musketeer outfit. He wears beige pants with brown shoes and a red tunic. Over that, he wears his yellow and blue musketeer tabard. His hands are gloved and in one of them, he holds his sword. Finally, at the head level, we find his hanging ears and his yellow hat with a white feather.


A potential musketeer

Goofy is one of the three main characters of the animated movie The Three Musketeers from Disney Studios. The latter is very freely inspired by the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas. Goofy, Mickey and Donald are cleaning men in the famous barracks of the three musketeers Athos, Portos and Aramis. They dream like them to become musketeers but their small size, lack of courage or, in the case of Goofy, intelligence, prevents them from doing so. But the chief of the barracks, Pat Hibulaire, conspires to take the place of Minnie’s queen, he decides to assign the three companions to her protection, convinced that they will easily let her be kidnapped. Fortunately, this mission will bring out their courage and they will rise to the occasion and save Queen Minnie from Pat Hibulaire’s attempted coup d’etat.


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