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Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

A very young Groot

As we can see at the end of the previous movie, Rocket has succeeded in growing a new Groot by keeping one of his branches. But this one seems to be another new character and not just a small version of Groot. We can still see his humanoid body made of a tangle of branches, roots and small green thumbs. At the level of the head, we recognize this so particular elongated shape ending with a kind of green moss. At the level of the face, its eyes are partially closed and its small mouth is smiling, which is enough to give it a young and joyful air.


A new Groot

Groot is one of the central characters of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the sequel to the very popular Marvel Studios film. In the first movie, we discover Groot, a strange humanoid tree that is intelligent but seems to be able to say only one sentence I am Groot”. He is the partner of Rocket Raccoon, an intelligent raccoon and bounty hunter. They are both looking for Peter Quill, who has a price on his head. But when they run into him along with the dangerous Gamorra, who is determined to recover the mysterious object he is carrying, they cause chaos in the city and all end up in jail. When they realize that the object in question could destroy the universe in the wrong hands, this unlikely group of characters finally ends up saving the galaxy, but unfortunately it’s thanks to Groot’s sacrifice. However, Rocket Raccoon retains a small branch and a brand new Groot can finally be born. In the new adventures of this strange family, Groot has already grown up a bit and participates as he can in their mission to find answers about the mysterious origin of Star Lord/Peter Quill.


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