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Groot Gamer debout (Marvel)

A big gamer

Groot has been represented here in Gamer version. He is standing with his humanoid shaped body but seems to be made of tree trunks. There are several green shoots on several parts of his body as well as on the top of his elongated head ending in shoots and small tree branches. He is represented with a concentrated expression on his face showing that he is playing. On his head is a black and silver headset and he is holding a black and red gamepad in his hand in a rather retro style.


A typical teenager

Groot is a character from the Marvel universe made particularly popular by the film adaptations of the Guardians Of The Galaxy comics. Groot is a sort of anthropomorphic alien tree working in tandem with the bounty hunter Rocket, himself a genetically modified raccoon. Groot only speaks with one phrase I am Groot” which seems to be able to say a lot of things and he seems to have some kind of superpowers like the one to make his limbs grow at will. At the end of the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, he sacrifices himself to save his friends but Rocket recovers some shoots and manages to grow a new Groot. This makes him still a child in the second opus of this license and he became a teenager in the movies Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.


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