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Grumpy with diamond (Snow White)

A miner’s treasure

For this exclusive figurine, Grumpy is represented holding a diamond in one hand and a pickaxe in the other. Like his friends, he wears a long tunic, red in his case, and brown pointed shoes. On his head, he has a big white beard and a pointed hat. His nose is red and his expression is of course angry with very marked eyebrows and a pout on his mouth.


The most famous grumpy

Grumpy is one of the most famous dwarfs of the famous cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, inspired by the famous tale of the Brothers Grimm. Snow White is a young princess forced to deliver as a servant by her evil stepmother jealous of her beauty. Every day, she asks her mirror who is the most beautiful and he always answers that it is her. Until one day he says that Snow White has surpassed her and she decides to send the hunter to kill her. But the hunter takes pity and lets the young woman escape into the forest. She then finds refuge in the house of seven minor dwarfs. The dwarves are reluctant at first but eventually accept Snow White and become her friends. Each dwarf has a well-defined character and Grumpy is of course the grumpiest one, the one who is always sulking but who has a very big heart in the end.


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