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Hagrid’s Hut & Fang (Harry Potter)

An adorable house

For this new Pop Town, Funko has chosen to represent Hagrid’s famous little hut. It’s a small house of very basic design, octagonal in shape, made of stone with a brick roof partly covered with grass. It has a fireplace, several small windows and a rather rustic wooden door. There are a few steps to access the door and a miniature version of the house that serves as a niche. The whole is placed on a base representing grass. Finally, Fang is a kind of very big black bulldog with a light grey belly and big hanging lips. He has as always a slightly sad look and absolutely not dangerous.


A very important role

Hagrid is the famous gamekeeper of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter cinematic and literary universe. Having a boundless love for all living creatures, he also becomes the teacher of care for magical creatures for two years. Hagrid does not live in the castle but in a small cabin near the Forbidden Forest, which allows him to do his job better. When he was younger, Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts because he was suspected of releasing the monster that had killed a student, but Dumbledore suspected that he had nothing to do with it and offered him the job as a gamekeeper to keep him close to him because he knew he was a good and loyal boy. It was to him that Dumbledore entrusted the mission of finding young Harry and bringing him to safety just after the murder of his parents. In addition to the many creatures he cares for, Hagrid has a very large dog named Fang who, despite his imposing size, is known to be particularly skittish.


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