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Harley Quinn Boombox (DC Comics)

A rock n’ roll character

Harley Quinn is shown here as she is on the variant cover of the first issue of the Renaissance comic. She is wearing her roller derby outfit, mini shorts and a very short top with a short jacket. She is also wearing very high socks and high top sneakers. The whole is black and red in a card game spirit, alternating the two colors on the left and right from top to bottom. At the level of the head, her blond hair is tied two high pigtails on the sides and the tips are dyed in red and turquoise in opposition to the makeup around her eyes. Finally, she stands with her foot on a large retro cassette recorder and makes the metal sign with her left hand.


Harley Quinn lives her own adventures

Harley Quinn is a very popular character of the DC universe discovered in the adventures of Batman. She was a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham City where the Joker was locked up but she fell in love with him and helped him escape, following him in his madness for love. Her offbeat and crazy side with a wacky and second degree humor quickly seduced the public and Harley Quinn appeared more and more often, sometimes as a villain, sometimes as an anti-hero like in Suicide Squad. Finally in the Renaissance comics, Harley Quinn is a young woman rejecting convention who has just moved to Coney Island and joined the local roller derby club when she learns that a contract has been placed on her head.


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