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Phantasm (Batman The Animated Series)

A mysterious character

Phantasm is represented here in grayscale: a tight black jumpsuit with boots and a long torn cape with a hood that reminds us well of the reaper, the role the character has given himself. At the level of the head, we find the mask that she wears and that allows to change her voice and to create a kind of smoke that adds to the mystery of her character. Finally, a scythe is attached to her hand which she uses to kill her victims.


A love story gone wrong

From her real name Andrea Beaumont, Phantasm is the ex-fianc?e of Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. Andrea had impressed him when they met and she beat him in a sword fight. Soon after, they started dating and Bruce Wayne wondered if he could give up his crime fighting for a more normal life. Finally he decided to quit and asked Andrea for a wedding. But shortly before the event, she has to call off the wedding because her father is caught by mob bosses and she has to flee with him to Europe. She comes back ten years later, determined to take revenge on the men who ruined her happiness. She then takes the appearance of the masked vigilante Phantasm, who with his reaper costume, is often mistaken for Batman. Batman ends up fighting her even after he understands who she is. Finally, after a confrontation with the Joker, there is an explosion and he thinks they both die but Andrea survives and that’s the last time we see her.


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