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Harley Quinn Roller Derby (Birds of Prey)

A new passion

Harley Quinn is shown here with her roller derby outfit. She wears a red, black and yellow leotard with fishnet tights. On her feet, she wears classic red and black roller skates. She also wears high black and yellow socks and knee and elbow pads. On her head, she wears a black and yellow helmet with two pigtails on top. Her hair is blond with blue and red tips. She also has a heart tattooed under her eye and flames drawn around her eyes.


A new life

Harley Quinn is the crazy heroine of the movie Birds of Prey, the movie based on the DC Comics Rebirth. It tells the story of Harley Quinn’s life after she broke up with the Joker and resumed a more or less normal life without committing crimes and indulging in healthier hobbies such as roller derby. The film is narrated by Harley Quinn herself. But no longer enjoying the protection of the Joker, Roman Sionis turns on her after she breaks her driver’s legs. She then offers to find a young woman for him. But when she finds her, she takes a liking to her and decides to protect her from Sionis. She will be helped by Huntress, Black Canary and policewoman Renee Montoya.


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