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Harley Quinn with beaver (Birds of Prey)

A strangely affectionate young woman

Harley Quinn is represented here with the stuffed beaver to which she is very attached, to whom she talks and to whom she makes wear all kinds of clothes. She is wearing a pair of jean shorts with straps that fall to the side, beige boots and a t-shirt with her name printed on it. We find her numerous tattoos on her arms and her thighs. At the level of the head, we find her famous blond hair with a small fringe and two pigtails whose points are blue or pink. Finally, she is accompanied by Beaver to whom she makes wear a tiara and a pink tutu.


A wacky character

Harley Quinn is the heroine of the movie Birds Of Prey. This movie from DC Studios is based on the Rebirth comics and tells the story of Harley Quinn’s new life after ending her relationship with the Joker. Harley is emancipated and doesn’t need the Joker anymore, but she doesn’t enjoy his protection either, especially against Roman Sionis, who has a grudge against her since she broke both legs of his driver. She will then offer to do him a favor by finding a young girl in possession of a treasure but she takes a liking for the young Cassandra and takes her under her wing. She will be helped in her task by Black Canary, Sionis’ new driver as well as Renee Montoya, a detective and the mysterious Huntress who seems determined to take on all the mobsters of the city.


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