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Harry Potter et l’?p?e de Gryffondor (Harry Potter)

Harry and the Gryffindor Sword

This figure is a Hot Topic exclusive version of the first Harry Potter figure released by Funko. He is represented there with his classic uniform of Hogwarts such as he wears it especially in the first films. We find his costume made of grey pants, a white shirt and a grey sweater with red and gold stripes in Hogwarts colors and a matching tie. Over that, he wears his black wizard’s robe with the Hogwarts crest. On the head, we find the same elements as on the previous figurine: the round glasses, his characteristic haircut and this famous little scar in the form of lightning left by Voldemort. Finally, what makes the difference between this exclusive figurine and the classic version is that here Harry carries, in his right hand, the Gryffindor sword instead of his wand.


A true Gryffindor

Harry Potter is the hero of the famous Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling and the films that are adapted from them. When he was only one year old, Harry’s parents died protecting him from one of the most terrible wizards who ever lived, Voldemort. He was taken to live with his aunt and uncle and lived until he was eleven years old without knowing anything about his parents or the world they lived in. But on his eleventh birthday, Hagrid, a half-giant, comes to pick him up and tells him that he is a wizard and reveals the past of his parents who fought against Voldemort who wanted to rid” the world of all wizards who were not of pure blood. He then enters the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and quickly makes new friends. He also discovers that Voldemort is not completely dead and that he will find many ways to try to return to power. In second year, Voldemort tries to come back by controlling a student with his personality printed in his diary, forcing that student to summon a Basilisk, a terrible monster that he causes to kill students who are not “pure bloods”. In the final battle against this “memory”, Harry proves his loyalty to the school and Dumbledore’s phoenix brings him Godric’s Gryffindor sword, which he uses to kill the Basilisk.


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