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Heihachi (Tekken)

A mean old man

Heihachi is not really the prototype of the nice old man. He is represented here with his black kimono and his red belt in fighting position. On the head, we can see his white eyebrows pointing upwards as well as his moustache giving him the air of making a face, and of course are also represented his hair with its so particular shape.


A father more than severe

Heihachi is an important character of the Tekken series, one of the most famous fighting games of the Namco firm. Heihachi is a Japanese finance chief in love with his wife. But when she dies while giving birth to their son, he blames the child. He trains the child to fight very hard until the day Kazuya is seriously injured and about to die. A demon offers him his soul in exchange for his life. He accepts and thanks to the strength of the demon in him, he becomes an outstanding fighter and manages to take revenge on his father.


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