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Hermione avec baguette (Harry Potter)

Funko has portrayed Hermione when the three friends sneak into the castle at night to try to get to the stone before Voldemort does. Neville tries to stop them so that Gryffindor doesn’t lose any more points but Hermione casts a spell on him. It is this moment that is represented on the figurine. She is wearing a gray skirt with white tights and a patterned wool vest. Her thick brown hair is loose in her back and falls in bangs on her forehead.


A busy first year

Hermione Granger is one of the heroines of the Harry Potter books and movies. Hermione is a young English witch born to Muggle parents (without magical powers). Perhaps because of this, she is particularly studious and has already read all her course books and everything there is to know about Hogwarts before her first year. In the first film, it is her first year at Hogwarts. While she is brilliant from the beginning of the year, her social relationships are more complicated. However, during the year, she becomes best friends with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. Towards the end of the year, the three friends realize that the terrible Voldemort is going to try to steal the Philosopher’s Stone from the castle in order to take human form again. A brilliant witch


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