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Holiday Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

A festive bear

Winnie has been represented here in a Holiday” version, that is to say for the end of the year celebrations. We find his usual little orange body and his red t-shirt. But he wears here in addition a red Santa Claus hat with the edges and the pompom in white fur and his round ears which exceed. Finally, he is holding in his left hand a sack full of colorful gifts.


A charming little bear

Winnie The Pooh is the famous hero of the cartoons inspired by the books of the same name by the English author Alan Alexander Milne. He is the little teddy bear of the young Christopher Robin for whom this one invents a life in the famous enchanted forest where he lives with his friends Eeyore, the sad little donkey, Piglet the fearful pig or Tiger, the tiger always very cheerful. Winnie is especially fond of honey. It is a very appreciated and popular character among children whose rights now belong to Disney.


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