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Hulk casual (Thor Ragnarok)

Casual Hulk

For this NYCC 2017 exclusive figure, Funko represented the Hulk with the outfit he has become accustomed to wearing since he became a gladiator on this famous planet. So as usual his skin is green and we find his impressive musculature. He wears short brown pants with a rough loincloth held up by a blue belt with silver decorations. He also wears several necklaces around his neck which are the symbols of his numerous victories. Finally, he is as always represented with an angry look and clenched fists.


A surprising ally

Hulk, the alter ego of Doctor Bruce Banner, is one of the main characters of the movie Thor Ragnarok. We had seen him for the last time at the end of the movie Avengers Age of Ultron when he was transformed into Hulk and decided to voluntarily let himself drift in the space on board a quinjet. We find him a few years later on a planet where Thor was captured after losing his hammer and Asgard to his sister Hela, determined to take revenge after being imprisoned by Odin for centuries. Thor is thrown into an arena where he must fight another gladiator who is none other than the Hulk. If at first, the Hulk does not recognize him, he will finally return to his normal form. Together, they will then try to recruit as many people as possible to set out to reconquer Asgard.


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