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Odin (Thor The Dark World)

The god of wisdom

Odin is represented with the outfit he wears during most of the movie Thor The Dark World. Like most of the gods of Norse mythology, he is a warrior god but also a god of wisdom. His outfit is mainly composed of an armor but it is less shiny and more wearable in everyday life” than his son’s. It is composed of more leather than metal. We can recognize his brown leather tunic with complex interlacing as well as the golden metal pieces on the torso, the shoulders and the wrists. There are also great similarities with that of his son Thor. He is also represented with his red cape, which the character wears only when he is on his throne. His face and his white hair are faithful to that of the actor Anthony Hopkins, who plays Odin in the films. On his face, he wears of course the golden “band” that hides the missing eye, sacrificed to obtain wisdom and intelligence. Finally, he holds in his hand his golden scepter, a magical attribute equivalent to Thor’s hammer.


Odin, the father of all

Odin is one of the main characters of the Marvel movies Thor and Thor The Dark World. The character is inspired by the god of Norse mythology whose main characteristics he respects. He is the main god of this mythology and therefore in the story, the king of Asgard. His son and heir are Thor and Loki who, as we will discover later, was adopted and is the son of an ice giant. In the first film, following an attempted incursion of the ice giants, pushed by Loki, Thor disobeys his father and tries to go and fight them. The fight is a disaster and Odin, to punish him and make him lose his arrogance, banishes him to Earth. He will then have to prove his worth to recover his powers and return to Asgard. This he will do when Loki will make Odin fall in his sleep and try to take over. In Thor The Dark World, Thor has regained his place on Asgard. Odin pushes him to find a wife but he still thinks about his human lover, Jane Foster, whom he had to leave on Earth. When she is contaminated by a strange mystical force, the Aether, Thor brings her back to Asgard and the events will then follow one another!


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