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Hurley (Lost)

A sympathetic physique

Hurley is of course particularly recognizable with his impressive physique which also gives him a certain good-naturedness. He is represented with the blue t-shirt and the green shorts which he wears on the promo photos of the first season of the series and in certain episodes. At the level of the head, we find his thick curly hair as well as the beard and the goatee which make him particularly recognizable. Finally he is also represented holding a chocolate bar in his right hand.


Hurley the cursed

Hurley is one of the main characters of the famous adventure/fantasy series Lost created by J. J. Abrams. In this series, a plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean and the seventy survivors are stranded on a mysterious desert island. As they try to survive while waiting for help to arrive, the island begins to reveal some very strange secrets. Hurley is a fun, positive character who often seems to be there to lighten the mood. However, as the flashbacks unfold, we realize that his past is not always so positive. Hurley won a large sum of money in the lottery and he seems to be convinced that this brings bad luck to the people around him, so much so that he was interned in a psychiatric asylum for a while.


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