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Man In Black (Lost)

A strange villain

As in the series, the Man In Black character wears his Roman outfit. We find his gray pants and his black tunic held at the waist by a rope belt. With that, he wears typical black Roman sandals. At the level of the head, we find his gray hair bald on the sides as well as his goatee also gray betraying his age.


The main villain of the series

The Man In Black is an important character of the series Lost but appearing in his true form only at the end of season five. In this series, we follow the adventures of a group of survivors on a deserted island after the crash of their plane. They will quickly realize that many mysterious events are taking place on this island. They are regularly attacked by what they call the smoke monster” and it’s only at the end of season 5 that he appears in his true form. He is a resident of the island since the first century when his mother was stranded there and gave birth to him and his twin brother before being murdered by a woman who took in the two children.


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