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Kate Austen (Lost)

A strong character

Kate Austen is represented with the outfit she wears at the time of the crash as well as on the promo photos of the first season of the series. We find this beige pants with a white tank top and a white blouse that she will often wear open because of the heat that it is on the island. At the level of the head, we find well her long brown curly hair as well as the characteristic freckles on her face. Finally, she holds in her hands the handcuffs which she manages to get rid of when the plane enters a turbulent zone before the crash.


The fugitive

Kate Austen is one of the heroines of Lost, the cult series by J. J. Abrams. The series begins when an airliner crashes in the Pacific Ocean and we follow the adventures of the 70 survivors on the strange desert island on which they are stranded. Kate was on the plane with a marshal who was bringing her back to be imprisoned after being on the run for several years after killing her abusive stepfather. Kate will soon get close to Jack Shepard and her resourcefulness will soon make her the right hand of the leader of this group of survivors.


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